Our core research areas centres on research questions that cuts across disciplinary groups within basic pharmacology, clinical research, and outside the pharmacology research field.

Our research includes:

  • Investigation of myometrial functioning in pregnant and non-pregnant states;
  • Investigating oxidative stress signalling and female reproductive conditions;
  • Investigating polycystic ovary syndrome (PCOS), endometritis, preterm birth, implantation outcome and function of the female reproductive cycle
  • Investigation of the potential (s) of nutritional agents on regulating myometrial function.
  • Epidemiological studies on prevalence of reproductive health issues;
  • Screening of natural compounds with effects on smooth muscle physiology including but not limited to the gastrointestinal smooth muscle and the smooths muscles of the urinary systems.
  • Use of cutting edge metabolomic technologies in understanding reproductive function and in the development of new techniques and solutions to counter preterm births;
  • Cytotoxicity screening of compounds that affect reproductive health;
  • Investigation of compounds with effect on gynaecological cancers and tumours in general;